The text “Disappearing Sarajevo Roses” written by “Jasminko Halilović was published on  November, 3rd, 2008 pointing to the attitude of the authorities towards this monument.

A great number of public reactions followed, and among others there was the reaction of the mayoress of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac who claimed that she would personally see to the adoption of an act for the preservance of the Sarajevo Roses, which by the end of her mandate did not happen.

Harun Kujović, a member of the Association, organized a petition for citizens who wanted to support the initiative, and in only a few hours more than 2.500 signatures were gathered. The Facebook group “Save the Sarajevo Roses“ was established because of this text with more than 4.000 members.

Jasminko Halilović and Vesna Kenjić, members of the Association, together with their friends Melina Kamerić and Ismet Lisica from the studio LISICA are designing a project under the name “7 Spots – 7 Sarajevo Roses“. The idea is to connect the roses with true stories of people and thus point to the importance that these roses have for the citizens of Sarajevo.

This project represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the XIV Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranian in Skopje (Macedonia) in 2009. In August 2010 the project was presented in San Marino as well at the SM International Arts Festival.

Online presentation of ’7 spots’ exhibition from San Marino.